USAID Women in the Economy

USAID Women in the Economy (WIE)

USAID Women in the Economy (WIE) – An insight

USAID Women in the Economy (WIE) is a United States Agency for International Development initiative, part of the Promote-WIE program. The US Agency is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results.

As a USAID-funded program, USAID Women in the Economy project (WIE) partners with Afghan women, with women-owned businesses or businesses that employ at least thirty percent women.

USAID Women in the Economy project works with job seekers, businesses, financial and training institutions, and many other stakeholders. WIE’s paramount goal is to help Afghan women make investments in their own success and enter the mainstream Afghan national economy.

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USAID Promote Program

The USAID Promote Project is a five-year program consisting of four separate Task Orders targeting the education, promotion, and training of a new generation of Afghan women.

With the goal of increasing women’s contribution to Afghanistan’s development, Promote strengthens women’s rights groups, boosts female participation in the economy, increases the numbers of women in decision-making positions within the Afghan Government, and help women gain business and management skills.

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Alberto Zavatta’s tasks with Women in the Economy

Alberto had the chance to meet with a team of enthusiastic people, have talks with local companies (run by women and/or with a relevant female workforce) and evaluate with them the possibilities of growth for the future.

He offered his training sessions on communication, branding and packaging and corporate design to an audience of MBA students and entrepreneurs.  Tasks also included dedicated support (strategy and communication) to selected women-owned businesses.



Founder of the Milan-based agency Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you. Alberto Zavatta is an expert of strategic corporate communication, branding, total identity, emotional marketing, packaging design.

Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years with global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. This makes of him a professional with a remarkable background. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding.

Mr Zavatta’s approach merges style, creativity and Italian essence with passionate vision, cosmopolitan touch and global culture.


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