Alberto Zavatta - Inspiring the next you - Methodology


Alberto Zavatta has developed in the past 25 years three proprietary and exclusive methods for research, investigation and ideation.

Strategic communication is a perfect combination of observation, listening, creativity, vision and knowledge. It aims at giving a unique and consistent identity to ideas, brands, projects and products .

Analysis, research, strategy, design, digital communication and storytelling merge in a journey designed to suggest the most efficient direction and to generate and validate new ideas; able to define the essence and history of a brand and to give communication an original personality; conceived to deliver an innovative and memorable message.

Let’s discover Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you’s three proprietary and exclusive methods for research, investigation and ideation:



CBL – Creative Brainstorming Lab™ is a creative investigation technique – ideated and owned by Alberto Zavatta – that offers inspirational and normative stimuli. It focuses on corporate brand positioning (perceived / known) and product positioning (value / function / potential), defining their relevant features,  identity and personality through a projective, open-minded and  innovative approach.

CBL – Creative Brainstorming Lab™ suggests the foundations for the development of new ideas and new paths, alternative (or integrated) lines of communication and inspires the institutional message.

CBL – Creative Brainstorming Lab™ outputs can impact on the Company’s R&D, marketing, product selection, product design, brand experience, reputation, innovation, product activation and brand identity.



Alberto Zavatta’s Brand Equity Pyramid Strategic Coding™ sets out contents and indications such as to be able to strategically guide the choices for the Company and for the brand over a medium to long-term period.

Strategy, people, structure and culture.

The Strategic Coding™ is a connecting tool designed to foster the strategy, inspire the people, consolidate the structure and generate brand culture. It gives guidance, harmonises internal processes, empowers external processes. It also provides a set of values and narrative guidelines to generate the brand  communication and identity in a coherent way over time.



Aesthetic Mapping for Design Thinking™ is a specific creative research methodology conceived and adopted by Alberto Zavatta over the years on multiple occasions of analytical investigation.

Where it is necessary to trace the dynamics of the market from an aesthetic-value point of view, this methodology is able to intercept the most relevant trends in relation to the object of study (company, brand, product, service) and to integrate them optimally in the strategic positioning and art direction process.

Consumer Behaviour and Emotional Marketing play a leading role, giving Aesthetic Mapping for Design Thinking™ a unique and original feature.