Clubhouse Brera Milano

Clubhouse Brera Milano

Clubhouse Brera Milano is the flagship space of the Copernico Group for which Alberto Zavatta developed the entire strategic communication approach and followed (and oriented) the marketing and corporate communication team.

It can be considered “project within a project” for which Alberto Zavatta has created an innovative and dedicated strategic positioning study.

The conceptual axes created for Copernico (space, content, network) continue to be present and live in an ideal context conceived to welcome like-minded people and to generate new business opportunities and social change. One of Alberto’s paramount strategic intuitions was to focus on “identities”: combining personal growth and shared opportunities.


Experiencing Clubhouse Brera

It was Milan’s first produce market, Teatro alle Erbe, home to the city’s creative and artistic realities. Today it’s Clubhouse Brera, the club-laboratory in the historic heart of Milan.

A stimulating environment that adapts to any working requirements; services and design solutions to combine professional and private life: a Lounge and a Café to work dynamically, Office Suites to relax, and conference rooms for private meetings.

Personal growth, shared opportunities: 500 entrepreneurs and professionals who share an unconventional, dynamic, personal way of doing business. Decision-makers willing to transform society through their work.


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About Alberto

Founder of the Milan-based agency Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you. Alberto Zavatta is an expert of strategic corporate communication, branding, total identity, emotional marketing, packaging design.

Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years with global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. This makes of him a professional with a remarkable background. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding.

Mr Zavatta’s approach merges style, creativity and Italian essence with passionate vision, cosmopolitan touch and global culture.


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