Goldozi Culture meets Fashion – Press Release

Goldozi “Culture meets Fashion”: the millenary tradition of Afghan embroidery in Milan. A project born to support a network of 15,000 embroidery and woven women from Afghanistan.

GOLDOZI “CULTURE MEETS FASHION” was hosted within the AFGHAN TREASURES IN ITALY LUXURY SHOW. An event sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID. The Luxury Show was held in Milan on 26 and 27 June 2019 at the Salone dei Tessuti. Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you was the agency selected by USAID/FHI360 for the communication of the initiative.

A unique opportunity that brought Afghanistan’s culture closer to ours, offering moments of encounter, debate and cultural and economic exchange.

Goldozi Culture meets Fashion: a new appointment

Goldozi “Culture meets fashion” is a new appointment in the panorama of fashion and fabric culture in Milan. It was born with the aim of bringing together two worlds. The millennial tradition of Afghan embroidery and the Italian fashion market, devoted to high quality materials.

The event favored the discovery of Afghan embroidery and fabrics by a selected audience of professionals. Guests from the fields of fashion, art, culture and communication encountered a commercial, creative and productive exchange network. Back home, the event will have an undoubted social impact. In fact, Goldozi stands beside the female population of Afghanistan (a network of about 15,000 women).

Goldozi had the pleasure of inviting exponents of the world of fashion, fashion production and specialized press. The Goldozi Fashion Presentation proposed the original creations of its designers: Hassina Ghani, Zarif, Laman, Azezana and Hassina Design .

Alberto Zavatta’s words

“For another USAID project for Afghan women, I had the opportunity to spend time in Kabul in March. It is a country that needs a lot, as you can imagine. The possibility of supporting the Goldozi initiative is for me today an awesome gift. A veritable professional, cultural and human journey of great value. Goldozi brings a message of development, beauty and support to hundreds of families. It is a promise for a better future, or a different future for Afghanistan “.


The scopes of Goldozi

GOLDOZI in Dari language means “embroidery”. The project was born four years ago by the will of the US agency for international development (USAID). Goldozi was awarded in April 2018 by FHI360 for the Afghanistan Jobs Creation Program (AJCP ).

Goldozi aims to create jobs in the manufacturing sector in Afghanistan. It supports the promotion of trade, facilitating the export of textile products. Indeed, the tradition of embroidery in Afghanistan has an ancient history. Traditionally, this technique was considered an art form. capable of being reflected in the aesthetic culture of the place and literally took shape in the clothes and furnishings. Embroidery is a rooted part of the Afghan cultural background. It represents a real resource for families to overcome difficulties.

For this reason Goldozi promotes a brand that speaks of an authentic product created by Afghan women. The project selects, trains and certifies 500 entrepreneurs. They are mostly women who have knowledge of the product and interest in entering the managerial world.

These people represent 15,000 women who are located throughout Afghanistan. Goldozi gives them the opportunity to acquire the tools necessary to be familiar with the complex dynamics of the market. They have the opportunity to get in touch with designers, buyers and retailers. And to promote at the same time the ethical sense behind the production. The project therefore works on two fronts. Primarily it connects the markets both locally in Afghanistan and internationally. Secondarily, it supports new professionals, capable of making themselves competitive in the textile market.


Founder of the Milan-based agency Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you. Alberto Zavatta is an expert of strategic corporate communication, branding, total identity, emotional marketing, packaging design. Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years with global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. This makes of him a professional with a remarkable background. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding. Mr Zavatta’s approach merges style, creativity and Italian essence with passionate vision, cosmopolitan touch and global culture.

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