Monini Extra V Cosmetics. international pay-off:  "Cosmetics speaking to the skin in its own language."

Monini Extra V Cosmetics

Monini Extra V Cosmetics – The concept and the challenge

Alberto Zavatta has created a strategic positioning study for Monini Extra V Cosmetics. The project itself from the beginning had very peculiar characteristics in that it was a matter of making Monini’s signature, known and strong in the food world, pass through the cosmetic sector.

Certainly an extremely difficult operation, because it was determinant not to underestimate some very sensitive aspects. Among these, the issue that a food brand could credibly sign a cosmetic product, and – on the opposite – that such an operation would not ultimately damage the long-standing reputation of the food brand itself.

The strategic, aesthetic and market positioning survey of the Monini Extra V Cosmetics line has been studied in detail. In particular, the graphic choice preferred extremely simple, minimalist, clean themes. The skin and its well-being are at the center of the communication approach: essentiality and naturalness are absolute protagonists. A modern, scientific, easy-to-read design lets the product talk  about its benefits immediately and clearly.


Monini Extra V  – The original positioning

Being in harmony with ourselves takes a simple gesture. Monini Extra V Lifestyle is a journey through well-being, balance, nutrition and body care where Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the paramount element of the Mediterranean diet – is at the center of it.

With three generations of experience in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monini has developed Monini Extra V, a totally natural line of cosmetics with a precious ingredient and an exclusive formula. A real “skinfood” to restore and nourish the skin, every day.

Alberto Zavatta has also created Monini Extra V international pay-off:  “Cosmetics speaking to the skin in its own language.”

Product Line includes: Hand Cream, Skinfood Nourishing Cream, Body Cream, Body Wash, Hand Soap. All products are “clean”: no coloring agents, phtalates, parabens, stereatesor preservatives. They contain Organic extracts, and are dermatology tested. Monini Extra V Cosmetics use convenient dispensers designed exclusively for Monini.


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Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years with global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. This makes of him a professional with a remarkable background. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding.

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