ALBERTO ZAVATTA - Value-added communication for TELT Lyon-Turin

Value-added communication for TELT Lyon-Turin

Strategic communication and storytelling of technical contents and data analysis confirm their focal role and relevance in the world of engineering.

TELT Lyon Turin, the Franco-Italian company delivering the Lyon-Turin railway, awarded yesterday a contract worth EUR 1 billion for the base tunnel.

Proud of contributing to this result through a highly-functional, customized, and value-added approach to communication.

Thanks for the amazing challenge to Ghella, ITINERA S.p.A., Spie batignolles, Francesca Torti, Marco Travanini.

A very special mention to Paola Erba, President and Technical Director of Alpina spa, for her trust and unique enthusiasm, and to Bruno Illuminati for his support and technical guidance.

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