The Perpetua Philosophy

The Perpetua Philosophy – A new language

Alberto Zavatta was one of the first professionals who contributed to the birth of Perpetua Philosophy, that is, to the creation of the identity and communication of Perpetua brand and to the definition of its message.

From the beginning Alberto Zavatta has provided Perpetua with a unique language of expression thanks to the strategic positioning and corporate communication.

In addition to creating numerous product sub-brands for Perpetua (the “G” system that connotes all products with graphite: eg G-Case, G-Bag, etc; StarWars – Lumina; and others), Alberto was the creator of the international pay-off “We had to invent it “.

Through research, ideation, innovation and technology, scraps of raw materials – otherwise destined to destruction – can be reborn. New design objects – useful, original and innovative – come to life in full respect of the people and the Planet: Perpetua – The Pencil is the firts of them. Perpetua is an idea of Alisea – since 1994 a reference name in the production of design objects for corporate communication through the “reuse” and “recycling” of both raw and second-life materials.


Perpetua – The Pencil: the archetype

The originary archetype of the PERPETUA PHISOLOSPHY is “The Pencil”. Made of Zantech, an innovative material made of 80% graphite. It is a waste of the Italian industrial production of electrodes for the electro-erosion process which combines with a chemical compound. Perpetua has no protective varnishes, glues or additional processing. Perpetua – The Pencil doesn’t make your hands dirty; its flat side prevents it from rolling away; the pencil writes even if broken in two (also without tip); it can be sharpened and has a food-grade eraser, available in 10 different colours, which forms a single body with the writing part.

It is resistant and it does not break if it falls, differently from the traditional pencils that need a wood casing to shield the fragility of the graphite lead. The pairing of rubber and graphite, fruit of invention, occurs during moulding. Perpetua is a European patent on both product and production process and it is the only graphite pencil made in Italy. While writing, you are disposing of Perpetua’s 15 grams of graphite thanks to its exclusive and unique production technology. An eco-sustainable system which makes us remember that, to make standard pencils instead, trees must be cut down.

Perpetua is not only a new style of writing but also a new style of living, respecting the Planet and being aware that small gestures can make a big difference.


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Perpetua: the origins of the future

Attention to the environment, innovation, technology: these are the keywords that led to the genesis of the Perpetua Philosophy. Disposing by writing.

A unique intuition that becomes invention and that projects the future. Because each of us, by using Perpetua – The Pencil, can save 15 grams of material. Perpetua – The Pencil is just the first object of the Perpetua Philosophy. A new way of generating objects that will become part of everbody’s lifestyle.

PERPETUA, we had to invent it.



Founder of the Milan-based agency Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you. Alberto Zavatta is an expert of strategic corporate communication, branding, total identity, emotional marketing, packaging design. Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years with global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. This makes of him a professional with a remarkable background. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding.
Mr Zavatta’s approach merges style, creativity and Italian essence with passionate vision, cosmopolitan touch and global culture.


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