Alberto Zavatta - Article / Beuty Interrupted

Beauty Interrupted: When Opera’s Magic Clashes with Unwelcome Noise

In the heart of “Casta Diva” aria from “Norma” by Vincenzo Bellini, masterfully performed by Maria Callas, we are enveloped by the enchantment of her voice, transported into a realm of deep #emotions and reflections. It is a moment where one expects to be cradled by the #elegance and purity of art, immersed in the solemn and enchanted #atmosphere created by the music and the performer’s voice.

But, suddenly, we are thrown out of this #state_of_grace.

An #advertisement intrudes into our experience, abruptly interrupting the flow of the opera and breaking the spell that surrounded us. From super detergents to galactic smartphones, from powerful cars to discounted flights, we find ourselves catapulted into the relentless world of advertising, far from the art and beauty we were enjoying.

Ever #happened to you?

This event introduces an element of #ugliness into an otherwise sublime context. It forces us to confront the raw and earthly reality, implicitly raising the question: “What is beauty?” A question that, in those moments of interruption, seems to become more pressing than ever.

Perhaps it is time to reflect on the #role_of_communication and #advertising in our contemporary world. The invasiveness of ads, often lacking in quality and originality, seems to suffocate moments of contemplation and appreciation of #art. The free nature of #onlinecontent seems to leave room for the arrogance of #advertisingmessages, which invade our spaces without regard for the user experience.

It is a continuous #background_disturbance that permeates every aspect of our #digital_life, contaminating even the most intimate and meaningful experiences. Perhaps it is time to #rethink our approach to #onlinecommunication, prioritizing quality and respect for the #userexperience, and to work to preserve #beauty in a world increasingly invaded by #triviality and #noise.

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