Alberto Zavatta with CU for NET Engineering International: towards a stronger Group’s identity.

29 Novembre, 2019

How to define a strategic approach to communication for a group of engineering companies with specific identities and stories, different cultures and languages, different operational addresses but able to integrate and provide conjoint services?

The answer is in a process of investigation and analysis that I’m leading in partnership with Contemporary Urban (the brand platform designed by me with architect Mauro Panigo in 2017). The approach focuses on people, structures and brands, therefore it aims at establishing a new corporate essence for this network through a perfect balance.

The protagonists of this challenging journey are the four companies of NET Engineering International Group: NET Engineering Italy, Spiekermann (Germany), Seecon (Germany) and ENGinet /NET Engineering Bulgaria.

Semantic differential approach, creative Brain-storming Laborartory, brain-writing activity, inspirational moodboards for the expected positioning are just some of the tools used in this strategic project.

Curious to discover how this method may fit your company too?

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