Alberto Zavatta for Metodo Vasović – The Holistic Path

Metodo Vasović – The Holistic Path

Alberto Zavatta for Metodo Vasović – The Holistic Path

Nataša Vasović, creator of the Method (Metodo) bearing her name, offers a unique and original path to the rediscovery of one’s own well-being, and physical and spiritual balance.


Physical and spiritual.

Two dimensions that the Method places at the center, sharing a related and connected approach. The body is fortified by means of techniques that promote elasticity, resistance, and vigor. Therefore, the body becomes seat and conscious vehicle of a profound spiritual growth. Teaching, experience and multiple holistic therapies enhance the Method’s uniqueness.

Metodo Vasović is conceived to put into connection knowledge, technique and discipline. Thus, it offers a dedicated response  to each person’s physical and spiritual needs.

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Simple, daily gestures.

By its very essence, the Method also leaves room for the creative dimension, lightness, pleasure of evolving with fun. Moreover, it offers tools and gestures that, repeated in daily life and independently, lead to significant physical and inner development.

Breathe and smile. Finally, this is the promise of the Method.  Two seemingly simple gestures that require care, commitment and passion. Two powerful energetic dimensions capable of connecting to our “higher self.”

And to be happier.



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