MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty, a new brand and line of products in Afghanistan: a project by Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you for the US Agency for International Development USAID and DAI - Women in the Economy.

Marghoob – The true essence of Beauty  

Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you is very proud to announce the launch in Afghanistan of MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty, a new brand and line of products, results of Alberto’s advisory to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and to DAI – Women in the Economy. Alberto’s collaboration, as strategic communication and branding consultant, with USAID/DAI project has started in March 2019.

For more info: USAID and DAI Women in the Economy


MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty  

Many of the Afghan women who participate in the creation of the products under the brand MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty are women who have had difficult life experiences: exploitation, slavery, abuse, forced drug use for the purpose of submission. Work has become an opportunity for rehabilitation for these women and has given them a new sense of life.

MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty is brand created with and for PESHRAFT ZANAN – which translated means “Women Empowerment” – a private company owned by Ms Marghuba SAFI and based in Kabul. The Company is active in the production of natural organic skin care products: soaps, cosmetic creams , body-butter, etc.

The role and personality of Ms Marghuba SAFI is definitely a key factor for the identity, success and development of this productive reality. Ms Safi is a serious and determined woman strongly committed to work and passionate, a profound ethical sense in managing the company, a sincere motivation in supporting the Afghan women’s cause through concrete actions in which respect and work values are central.

Learn more about the experience of Ms Safi: watch Alberto’s Interview with Ms Safi.

PESHRAFT ZANAN places the work of women at the very center of its identity and positioning: the goal of providing women with job opportunities, thus strengthening their economic and social power, is a foundational principle. The team consists of 20 people, including managers, workers in various sectors of the company and farmers who offer the fruits of their land to the productions of MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty.  At the moment the reference market is only the national one, although the possibility of accessing new markets is in the company’s objectives.

Click here to find out more about Peshraft Zanan and MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty.



The new brand name  MARGHOOB is intended to communicate and to market the values and products of the company. It means desired, desirable, pleasant, coveted, agreeable, aimable, beautiful, lovely. A name that is fully in line with the market sector: appealing, feminine, delicate. Not last, a name that is also close to the name of the founder and owner of the company (Marghuba > Marghoob).

MARGHOOB – The true essence of Beauty as a whole with the new pay-off, reinforces the message of trust and authenticity.


Brand positioning

MARGHOOB is the first Afghan brand with a proven expertise in the beauty of the skin.

The combination of excellent quality ingredients – completely organic and 100% natural – and the cold craft method, which preserves the active principles of the botanicals, distinguish the “style of making” of MARGHOOB and the uniqueness of its soaps.

A name to trust, able to always provide specific soutions for each type of skin.

Yours too.


Line of products and key factors

MARGHOOB’s soaps are made from the unique encounter of natural oils (olive, coconut, almond, sunflower, corn, palm, beeswax) and top quality botanical products (cumin, saffron, lavender, turmeric, aloe vera, cucumber, marigold, rose). The combination of these ingredients, the attention to the needs of the skin, the seriousness in offering effective solutions for the problems of beauty and skin health are at the heart of MARGHOOB, the very first beauty brand of Afghanistan.

The new communication and branding strategy suggested by Alberto Zavatta reorganised the entire line of products and suggested a clear and precise system, which was subsequently taken up by the packaging structure. It was necessary to communicate the primary benefit of each product-ingredient: the solution to the skin problem; hence the secondary benefit: the action that the ingredient performs on a general level. The new logo, simple and modern, conveys elegance and quality. The packaging is contemporary, functional, strongly visual: it uses impactful colors, images and icons in order to communicate an original style and effective performance.

The packaging design project was developed in collaboration with the creative agency Euroart93.



Founder of the Milan-based agency Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you. Alberto Zavatta is an expert of strategic corporate communication, branding, total identity, emotional marketing, packaging design. Most importantly, Mr Zavatta has gained international experience over the years. His portfolio includes global communication projects for major multinationals and national companies. His experience includes all levels of strategic communications and branding. Style, creativity and Italian essence encounter passionate vision, cosmopolitan touch and global culture.


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