The Engineering Company Alpina by Alberto Zavatta

Strategy for the Engineering Company Alpina


Alberto Zavatta – Inspiring the next you has carried out an extensive strategic and communication study for the Engineering Company Alpina. The project was conducted with Architect Mauro Panigo on behalf of Contemporary Urban and widely involved the participation of the Company’s Team at different levels and stages of development.


The task

The path undertaken with the Engineering Company Alpina focused on multiple aspects of the company’s image strategy, its positioning and its brand communication style with the aim of giving the brand a new, modern, smart identity, without losing its historical founding values and its high capacity of technological performance typical of the engineering dimension.

The integrated creative research for the Engineering Company Alpina aimed at better investigating the values and positioning directions for the development of a new Alpina language and corporate message.


The method

The project was developed through the use of Alberto Zavatta’s CBL – Creative Brainstorming Lab™ and Brand Equity Pyramid Strategic Coding™.


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Positioning, Brand System and Tools

The research led to the identification of the fundamental guidelines on the brand and projects presentation through the definition of foundational keywords and a clear “tone of voice” that could be immediately associated to the positioning of the new brand Alpina SpA.

The most appropriate ways to find an innovative and original communication balance combining the peculiar qualities of the services offered with a more emotional and appealing dimension (aesthetic-emotional marketing) were evaluated. In fact, creating an ideal brand and product narrative becomes a potential distinctive brand engagement tool.

The strategic output defined the foundations for: the realisation of the new international pay-off “Engineering at its peak since 1954” (creative wording: Alpina > Alps > Mountains > Peak); the new logo design, conceived as an evolution of a former vintage logo of the 70s; a new copywriting style; a complete renovation of the website; a social media plan for Linkedin, including dedicated ADV campaigns; a contents’ lay-out for the corporate brochure, then developed internally by Alpina’s Graphic Design Team.


About the Company

Alpina is one of the oldest engineering company, established in Milan in 1954. Formerly owned by the holding companies La Centrale Finanziaria S.p.A. and Bastogi S.p.A., since 1989 it is owned by the professionals who work there. Present shareholders are Guido Peri, Paola Erba, Paolo Galvanin, Marco Bonfanti, Massimo Besio, Paolo Perrotta, Letizia Zanelotti, Adriano Fava, Marco Ghidoli.

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